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Is Fresh Fruit Healthier Than Dried?

If Your Goal Is Weight Loss, Here's Why You Should Snack on Fresh Fruit Over Dried

While both fresh fruit and dried fruit are healthy snack choices, one is definitely better for you in terms of helping you work towards your weight-loss goal. Grabbing a handful of dried fruit may seem harmless, but they actually have a higher concentration of calories and sugar due to the loss of water. The bright side is that it also means they're more nutrient dense.

Instagram account caloriefixes posted a side-by-side comparison of a fresh apricot and one dried apricot, which both share the same amount of calories. Francesca, the person behind the account, made the point: "If your goal is to lose weight, a serving of fresh fruit offers more volume and contains more water than dried fruit, which will help you to feel full sooner and longer."

Chances are, you won't be eating just a single dried apricot while snacking, either. Because a handful of dried apricots is easily higher in calories than one fresh apricot, you may want to be mindful about portion sizes. Francesca also included a reminder that both are healthy foods and that the only differences are in macro nutrients and calories.

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