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Something About This Before-and-After Transformation Will Shock You

For anyone who's tried to lose weight through exercise only to not lose a pound or even gain weight will relate to these before-and-after pics. Emily Sowers, a bikini competitor shares, "The picture on the left is from two years ago, 151 lbs. the picture on the right is from two minutes ago, 151 lbs."

Two years ago, Emily was so obsessed with weighing herself and "spent hours running on the track, starving, yo-yo dieting, overeating, self-consciously looking in the mirror at all times." And with the help of her support system she's finally come to terms with it being OK to enjoy herself and even gain weight — "numbers are so relative!!" Plus there are plenty of ways to determine your progress on the healthy path that have nothing to do with the scale. Now she says, "I enjoy training and weight-lifting just as much as I love how I look right now." She closes with, "Here's to big booties and even bigger hearts 💕"

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