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Gold's Gym Body-Shaming Pear Shape Ad

You'll Probably Be Horrified by This Body-Shaming Ad From Gold's Gym

Gold's Gym, which states it is "dedicated to helping people feel empowered by fitness," is apologising for a body-shaming post made on Friday by Gold's Gym Dreamland, a subfranchisee in Cairo, Egypt.

The post in question depicts a photo of a pear with the words "This is no shape for a girl." Actress Abigail Breslin took to Instagram to twice express her disgust with the ad, saying that Gold's Gym is "preying on people's insecurities and perpetuating body image issues." And Abigail wasn't the only person upset on social media; user posts on the brand's Facebook page show screen captures of the original ads with horrified remarks.

The Gold's Gym Facebook page quickly posted an apology, stating the brand is "shocked and appalled" and that these posts were created without the brand's knowledge. Gold's also announced the brand has terminated its subfranchisee agreement with the Cairo gym. See the full apology below.

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