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Harry Potter Gymnastics Floor Routine Video

This Gymnast Did an Entire Harry Potter Floor Routine — Her Imaginary Wand Is Everything!

Belgium artistic gymnast Axelle Klinckaert is known for her insanely creative floor routines, but it's a recent Harry Potter-themed performance that has us endlessly applauding. During the 2018 DTB Cup in Stuttgart, Germany, last month, the 17-year-old athlete flaunted serious acrobatics moves, all while showing her true wizarding colours. Axelle's routine included an imaginary wand and dramatic movements set to the series theme song, and a whole lot of flips.

While her team practised behind her, all eyes were on Axelle and the magical music playing in the background. Whether you're a fan of gymnastics, or just a sucker for captivating spells, prepare to be impressed by this Harry Potter floor routine.

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