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Health Items to Throw Away

1 a Day — Throw These 43 Health and Wellness Items Out, and Cleanse Your Space

We all have the tendency to hoard, even if it's just a little bit. So, to avoid being on the reality TV show Hoarders, let's learn to throw some stuff away. Recently, I realised that I had so much old junk lying around that was related to my health and wellness that I decided to go through all of my drawers, closets, and cabinets. Most of my junk was connected to my active lifestyle. What I couldn't donate, I pitched! And boy, do I feel so much lighter already!

  1. Old underwear
  2. Expired medicine
  3. Broken jump ropes
  4. Tattered hats
  5. Weightlifting gloves with holes
  6. Stretched-out swimsuits
  7. Old compression sleeves
  8. Worn yoga mats
  9. Overused foam roller
  10. Old cleats
  11. Extra water bottles
  12. Ripped gym bags
  13. Broken sports watches
  14. Broken stop clocks
  15. Torn t-shirts
  16. Workout DVDs you no longer use
  17. Broken bikes
  18. Resistance bands that have lost their spring
  19. Old running belt
  20. Deflated yoga balls
  21. Expired vitamins
  22. Too-worn hand weights
  23. Old blender bottles
  24. Overused aerobic step
  25. Hair products that have been stuffed in the cupboard far too long
  26. Tattered yoga pants
  27. Old toothbrushes
  28. Sports bras that don't fit
  29. Old deodorant
  30. Fitness equipment covered in cobwebs
  31. Ragged socks
  32. Old shoes
  33. Stretched-out hair ties
  34. Unused makeup
  35. Gross towels and washcloths
  36. Expired food in refrigerator
  37. Expired food in cupboards
  38. Worn-out bedding
  39. Broken earbuds
  40. Damaged armbands
  41. Expired fuel jelly beans
  42. Expired Gatorade
  43. Stretched-out spandex
Image Source: Pexels / Pixabay
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