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12 Healthy Recipes For Mermaids Only

Girls of the '90s, aka aspiring Ariels, have been instrumental in the mermaid trend that has made a big splash in every sector of our lives. What started as a popular Halloween costume has now found its way into everything we consume, and the fitness sector is no exception. Beyond workout wear like trainers, millennials are now renaming aqua-coloured foods containing spirulina and Blue Majik as mermaid recipes!

If the name alone isn't enough to make you stock up on your supply of blue-green algae, the nutritional benefits of consuming spirulina and Blue Majik certainly will. They are both high in amino acids, vitamins like B12, and antioxidants . . . in other words, fuelling you to live your best, healthiest life. Though the flavour can be somewhat seaweed-like, these recipes cover up any unpleasantries with tasty ingredients like tropical fruit and coconut milk. Ready to dive in?

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