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Here's Why Zumba Works For So Many Women

Here's Why Zumba Works For So Many Women

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Certain dance or hip-hop classes might seem intimidating, but Zumba attempts to alleviate any trepidations. If you've wanted to try a dance class but feel like you have two left feet, Zumba is a great intro into the world of dance cardio — you sweat, let loose, and cheer while burning a load of calories.

The choreography isn't (too) complicated.

Source: Fox Most dance workout classes take the traditional add-on choreography approach, but Zumba is different. If there's a tune you're not loving or a move you just can't seem master, that section of the class will be over in a few minutes. You start all over again with a new song and a brand-new set of steps. The constant change keeps things feeling new and exciting, and there's always a chance to start fresh.

You'll build coordination.

Source: Universal Pictures Past dance classes may have left you feeling defeated at your lack of innate dancing skills, but at the start of Zumba, you'll often hear instructors yelling "just keep moving!" As long as you're continuing to move, you're doing the workout right. In Zumba, there's no emphasis placed on who has the best grasp of technique; effort is everything. And the more you go to class, you'll find that your coordination and balance continue to improve — testing these skills will only make them stronger.

It's easy to go at your own pace.

Source: Miramax Depending on your body's needs, you can make Zumba a high- or low-impact workout. Hardcore dancers can keep up and stay challenged by quick, sharp movements and extra jumps, while beginners can move at whatever pace they can handle. At the end of each song, you're free to grab water, wipe off with a towel, or take a quick breather. Zumba's premise is all about feeling good, working hard, and taking care of yourself.

You'll leave feeling refreshed.

Source: NBC After a tough cardio workout, sometimes you leave feeling wiped out and ready to hop back into bed. While Zumba is challenging, I always leave feeling energised, light, and ready to tackle the rest of the day with a positive perspective. It truly lives up to the "fitness party" hype.

So, what are you waiting for?

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