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How Can I Lose Weight?

The Golden Rules of Fat Loss, According to an Expert

Never run again — lift more instead! Can getting fit really be that simple?

We asked Sarah Chadwell, NASM certified personal trainer and natural bodybuilder, just how you could skip running and still look like a gym goddess. She told POPSUGAR that there are more effective training practices to burn fat and build strength. "You can cardio yourself to death and still have the same flat figure," said Chadwell. "Or you can follow the golden rules of weight loss, never run again, and have a lean, sexy, curvaceous physique."

Here are the golden rules of fat loss that Chadwell lives by:

1. Train Intensely

Anaerobic exercise revs your metabolism and keeps your body in "burn mode" long after your workout is done. When done right, you can continue to burn hundreds of additional calories hours after the workout has ended. Here are Chadwell's premier anaerobic methods of training:

  • Heavy weightlifting to achieve serious muscle gain (and, no, you will not bulk up)
  • High-intensity interval training (HIIT)
  • Full-body circuit workouts
  • A combination of the above

Chadwell added: "I like using a combination of exercise styles to be efficient in the gym. It gets [the] heart rate up and stops fat in its tracks. I've never been a fan of running, so I utilise other training methods to keep my body lean, strong, and still cardiovascularly fit."

2. Strength Train

Building and preserving muscle is key to weight loss since it helps you burn fat more efficiently and for longer periods of time. A person who is muscular burns more calories — even during resting periods — than less densely muscled individuals.

3. Clean Eating

Your body should be treated like a Cadillac, meaning it needs superunleaded fuel to run correctly. If you only give it regular unleaded, it screws up the engine. The same goes for feeding your body. If you are constantly giving it junk food, it can't perform optimally. Eating good-for-you foods helps fuel the body, build muscle, and burn fat. There is absolutely no way to lose weight by neglecting this essential part of the equation.

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