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How to Debloat

Do These 3 Things at Every Meal to Reduce Bloating

You don't have to live with that uncomfortable, bloated feeling in your belly every time you eat. Try doing these three things at every meal to prevent feeling like you swallowed a balloon.

Skip These Foods

Beans are a given when it comes to belly bloat, but other foods are known to cause issues like broccoli, cabbage, asparagus, onions, high-fibre fruits like apples and pears, dairy products, and gluten. Greasy foods can also cause digestive distress, as well as salty foods, sugar, and artificial sweeteners. You don't have to give up on these foods entirely, just eat them in smaller amounts so your belly can gradually get used to digesting them.

Stop Before You're Stuffed

Even if you eat all of the right, easily digestible foods, if you eat too much of them, that will also lead to belly bloat. If you're constantly feeling puffy and gassy, try eating half the portion size you normally do. Then put the fork down, wait 10 minutes and then assess whether you're really hungry or just eating because the food is in front of you. It's OK to eat six or seven little meals instead of the usual three, so you can focus on smaller portions and prevent that famished feeling that makes you more likely to stuff your face.

Reduce the Air Going In

Swallowing air when you eat can also cause gas to accumulate in your belly. Sip on water and do it from a glass instead of a straw, and slow down when eating so you can really chew your food — gulping it down means you're probably taking in air with it. And when you're not sitting down to a meal, don't suck on a hard boiled sweets or chew gum. Since these make you swallow more often, it means you're also swallowing more air.

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