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How to Diet to Lose Weight

This Fat Loss Coach Explains the One Thing You Need to Do to Lose Weight

Losing weight requires a diligent effort of eating right, exercising, getting plenty of sleep, and manageing stress. And while these main tenets of weight loss may seem overwhelming for those just starting out on their weight-loss journey, fat-loss coach Carter Good said there's just one thing that dictates whether a diet will be successful or not: consistency.

"You could have the world's fanciest pants fitness plan, but if you can't follow it consistently, it won't help you a lick," he wrote in his Instagram caption. "And this is where people get into trouble." He added that many people jump into the latest fad diet program and try to be 100 percent perfect, which can only last a few days or maybe a few weeks.

But once they slip up, they are riddled with guilt, which leads into a cycle of overeating, feeling bad about it, and overeating again. Then one bad meal turns into a bad day, which turns into a bad week, and you're back at square one.

Instead, Carter saifeveryone can lose weight and keep it off for good, they just need to be consistent: consistently eating at a calorie deficit, eating mostly whole foods, working out regularly, and staying active each day.

"Most importantly, when you DO slip up (because you absolutely will), it's about getting right back on track," he wrote. "Getting back to being consistent."

If you've lost your weight-loss mojo, there are a few things you can do to get back on track: focus on just one thing at a time; accurately (and consistently) track your food; switch up your exercise routine; set smaller, more reasonable goals; and finally, don't be so hard on yourself. By loosening up on yourself a little bit and realising that slip-ups do happen, you will be in a better mindset to forgive yourself and get right back on track.

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