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How Do I Stop Emotional Eating?

Tips From the 21 Day Fix Creator on How to Stop Emotional Eating

If you reach for crisps, cookies, ice cream, or chocolate whenever you're upset, stressed, angry, or worried, you know how powerless you can feel against your food. But Autumn Calabrese, creator of the 21 Day Fix wants you to know that emotional eating is really about feeling powerless over your emotions, and you use food to suppress or hide from those emotions.

This video is over seven minutes long, but it's totally worth the watch if you are an emotional eater and you need help stopping. She'll give you tips on how to feel in control of your emotions, by identifying when you emotionally eat and what triggers you to hit the kitchen. She encourages you to feel that emotion because "the only way to get over something is to go right through it." And then come up with new, healthy ways to cope with those emotions because "no amount of food will fill you up emotionally."

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