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How to Do a TRX Mid-Row

This TRX Exercise Is Guaranteed to Give You a Sexy Back

When it comes to working out, we spend a bunch of time working our "mirror muscles" — the muscles we can see in the mirror, such as the biceps and quadriceps. This means that the other muscles we can't see — our posterior chain — often go neglected, leading to muscular imbalances. But it's important to give all of your muscles attention in order to improve your overall movement patterns. You can prevent imbalances by showing your posterior chain, especially your back, some TLC by programming more back exercises into your workouts.

Strengthening your back won't just make you look sexier in your favourite strapless dress, it will help stabilize your spine so that you can do everyday activities like carry your groceries without pain. The mid-row is a great exercise to strengthen and tone your back, as it targets your trapezius muscles, latissimus dorsi, the erector spinae, rear deltoids, and biceps.

Supension training is a great training modality to improve your overall strength because it teaches and enforces functional movement patterns that help during workouts and in everyday life. Not only will the TRX mid-row strengthen your back, it will strengthen your core muscles since they're the stabilizer of the movement. So, if you want a sexier back and a stronger core, you've got to start doing this exercise.

Here's how to do it:

  • Before getting started, make sure the TRX suspension trainer is secured to an anchor point (a fixed object that won't move and can support you weight). The straps should be at mid-length.
  • Grab the handles with each hand and walk your feet out, approximately two feet away from your body. Your arms should be extended in front of you and your body should be in a straight line. The further you walk your feet in front of you, the more challenging the exercise will become.
  • Engage your core and make sure your spine is in a neutral position. Avoid rounding your shoulders and arching your lumbar spine.
  • With your palms facing in and your ribs by your, side pull your elbows back. Keep your core engaged and tension on the straps as you return to the starting position with control. This counts as one rep.
  • Complete three sets of 12 reps.
Image Sources: Unsplash / Cristina Gottardi and POPSUGAR Photography / Tamara Pridgett
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