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How to Eat Clean All Day Long

Whether you're trying to take off weight or improve your health, adopting a clean-eating lifestyle can be the change you need to see (and feel) the results. Replacing processed foods with natural, unrefined options might seem like a struggle at first, but soon it will feel like second nature. If you're curious what it's about, or you're ready to eat clean for a day, here's what to do all day long.


  • Start the morning with a smart sip: After you've sipped on some water, kick your clean-eating plan into gear with a healthy green juice or hot water with lemon before breakfast. As you hydrate with H2O, the lemon works to balance your body's pH and aid in healthy digestion.
  • Skip sugar in your coffee: Your sugar-laden latte or iced coffee is (unfortunately) not a clean choice. Skip the sugar — and the calories, bloat, and crash that can come with it — and opt for a strong, bold, and unsweetened caffeinated choice instead.
  • Kick out refined carbs: No goods from the pastry case or bagels this morning! If you like to start the day with carbs, be sure to keep them complex (like quinoa or sweet potato) and full of fibre. This way you'll be supporting your digestion and your energy levels.


  • Reach for green tea: Overstimulating with loads of coffee can leave you feeling anxious and unfocused, so swap out your second cup of joe for antioxidant-rich green tea. It's high in catechins, which speed up liver activity and increase the production of detoxification enzymes.
  • Cut out condiments: Ketchup, mayo, ranch dressing — whatever calorific condiments are your pick — keep them far away from a day of clean eats. Focus on fresh natural flavours of your favourite herbs and citrus to add extra flavour and benefits to your plate. If you're in need of something creamy on a sandwich or salad, spread on avocado for all its omega-3 acids and fibre.
  • Bring on the greens: When it comes to lunch and dinner, always add something green to your plate. Serve spinach with last night's leftovers or order a satisfying salad at your favourite lunch spot. It ups the nutrition of every clean meal, every time.


  • Skip the booze: Beyond all the sugar and unnecessary calories an evening cocktail offers, alcohol can keep you up or make for a restless night of sleep. Skip the booze, and opt for an all-natural mocktail instead.
  • Go au natural with dessert: You don't need to say see ya to a sweet ending at the end of your meal — just keep it clean and natural instead of overloading with sugar and chemicals. Grab a light treat like a piece of fresh fruit or a taste of dark chocolate instead to stay on course.
  • Keep water beside your bed: Hydration is key to any healthy lifestyle, and sipping on water through the night will keep you feeling energised and clear-headed the following morning. One of the best ways to ensure a great next day is a good night's sleep and water ready to go in the morning!
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