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How to Eat What You Want on Weekends and Lose Weight

This Simple Strategy Allows You to Eat How You Want on the Weekends — and Still Lose Weight

Eating superclean during the week and sabotaging your progress on the weekend — we've all been there. Saturdays and Sundays are typically the days when we break routine — but that doesn't mean your weight-loss goals have to suffer. Online weight-loss coach petersoonfit posted a helpful graphic that shows you how to cheat on weekends while staying on track.

Having a slightly larger calorie deficit through the week gives you some extra wiggle room on the weekend. For example, reducing your caloric intake by 200 calories each day allows for 500 more calories on Saturday and Sunday. "This makes it that much easier to adhere to your diet and stay within a calorie deficit," Peter wrote.

Remember that progress takes time, which is why it could be helpful to set a weekly goal in addition to daily benchmarks.

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