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How to Feel Full When Eating For Weight Loss

If You Never Feel Satisfied After a Meal, These Comparison Photos Show Why

What you eat obviously means a lot in the weight-loss world, but how you eat also plays a role. Registered dietitian Rachel Paul, RD, (@collegenutritionist) posted these comparison photos on Instagram to remind us that choosing the right-size plate can make you feel more satisfied.

Rachel says, "Eating is not just about nutrients - it's SO psychological!" She adds, "Eating off a slightly smaller plate can make the plate **appear** to be more full, and research shows that we actually can be more satisfied!" Registered dietitian Julie Upton, RD, of Appetite For Health agrees and says, "Eat your meals off smaller plates and bowls and you'll serve yourself about 10 percent less, which can add up to hundreds of calories less every day."

Can you see what she means when you look at these two plates? Both have the exact same amount of food (same calories, macros, etc.) but when you put your food on a smaller plate (nine-inch vs. 10-inch) where there's less white space showing, your brain registers that there's more food. Since creating a calorie deficit is the key to losing weight, and eating fewer daily calories is one way to make that happen, downsizing your plates and bowls is something you can do every time you eat, both at meal and snack times.

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