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How to Be Happy in the Morning

Burn More Calories and Get Happier With 21 Life-Changing Morning Hacks

If you often wake up feeling like you're on the wrong side of the bed, you aren't alone. Mornings are exhausting and hectic, and all we want is to get back in bed. Luckily, there are things we can do to have our best a.m. ever. Armed with these tiny tweaks, you can make your day healthier, happier, and just more fun.

Don't hit snooze: The alarm clock can feel, well, alarming, but hitting snooze too many times actually makes it harder to wake up.

Work out: Sure, it can be hard to find the motivation, but a morning workout can help boost your energy (and metabolism) through the day


Breathe: Before you run off on your busy day, take a moment to breathe — you'll feel balanced and ready to start the day off right.

Stretch: Sleeping can make your body stiff, so take a moment to stretch out all the kinks.

Or do yoga: This 10-minute series is all about boosting happiness.

Drink coffee: Don't overindulge, but a cup of coffee can improve memory, help muscle pain, and more!

But skip the sugar: Sweetening up your cup of joe can actually harm your immune system and promote belly fat so try taking a few days off from sugar.

Have everything ready: If you're in the habit of packing your handbag and gym bag the night before, getting out the door early is totally stress free. Just grab what you need and go.

Bring your lunch: Grabbing a meal from your fridge can help you save money and calories, yippee!

Drink water: It will boost your metabolism and keep your skin feeling fresh.

Listen to music: Turning on the tunes can help you get energised and excited about the day ahead. Plus, feel free to add your own dance moves while you get ready.

Smile: Start the day off feeling positive — a smile can actually boost your mood.

Eat a balanced breakfast: Get all the nutrients you need and start the day on a healthy note.

Focus on fruits and veggies: Eating clean can help your body detox and reenergise for the day ahead.

Sip smartly: There's nothing wrong with enjoying a smoothie or green juice

but be smart. Since some premade versions can be full of extra sugar and calories, make your own!

Boost your immunity: If you're feeling under the weather, whip up a quick immunity tonic to beat any cold that may be coming on.

Make your bed: No, it isn't just a waste of time. Taking a second to straighten out your sheets and covers will make coming home feel so wonderful.

Wait to sign online: Give yourself time before checking your email, that way you won't start the day off feeling superstressed.

Make a to-do list: If you've got a lot on your plate, or you just want to make sure to squeeze in time for yoga class, write it all down. A to-do list will help you feel organised and accomplished.

Don't freak out: There's no need to feel overwhelmed by the day ahead. Know that even your busiest day will come to an end.

Give yourself some love: Look in the mirror and share a positive affirmation with yourself. You are smart, talented, and gorgeous, so be sure to remind yourself.

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