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How to Live Healthier

5 Simple Things Healthy People Do Every Day to Feel Happy and Sane

As fitness editors, we write about how to live a healthier life every single day, but we're still human beings — we get tired, work can be stressful, and sometimes we just want to eat an entire pizza (OK, that might be mostly me). But because fitness and healthy living is our passion, we've settled into habits that have become everyday customs, and they help us stay on track no matter what life throws at us.

Our senior director Susi said it best: "I might have written about fitness and health for the last 10 years, but I still struggle with keeping it real every day. But I have learned that I feel a lot better — focused, happier, and more on an even keel when I do these things."


"I roll my feet daily and strength train my feet with toe scrunches. Years of dancing barefoot almost daily has taken a toll on my feet and if my feet aren't happy, I am not happy." – Susi May, senior director, Fitness

"I work out! As a fitness video producer, I know there are so many great Class FitSugar videos I can do at home with no equipment for any amount of time. Even if it's just a 5- or 10-minute ab workout, I always make an effort to get some form of fitness in." — Genevieve Farrell, producer, Fitness and Beauty

"I definitely give myself time for rest days, but I make sure to move in some way every day, even if that just means a walk down to the ocean or a few push-ups in my pajamas in my room, or do a few yoga stretches and poses; I don't feel good when I'm not moving! I oftentimes rely on my Fitbit to see if I'm hitting some kind of goal, whether it's flights of stairs, active minutes, or steps." — Dominique Astorino, assistant editor, Fitness


"I drink a sh*t-ton of water. I purposefully asked for a 25-ounce S'well for my birthday because I was annoyed at having to constantly refill smaller bottles (so, I drink so much water that the amount of times I have to refill a standard-size bottle gets in the way of my work day). I shoot for 1,850 ounces, per my Fitbit app goal." — DA

"Drink hot water with lemon! Truthfully, I love the taste, but it also has cleansing benefits." — GF

"I drink lots of water, but don't track it. But I pretty much always have full glass of water on my desk, in my backpack, or in my car. Basically, my water bottle travels with me where ever I go. I know the water intake is considered oversold, but I feel a lot more awake when I am well hydrated." — SM

"You know, I work out 4-5 times a week, eat mostly healthy, but the only healthy thing I do every single day with consistency is drink water. Oh, and laugh! I try and laugh every day." — Michele Foley, content director, Fitness


"I eat fruit every morning (most days) at breakfast. I put berries on my peanut butter toast, have a side of melon, or cut up a peach in my yoghurt. It helps me jump-start on my quota of daily fruit and veg." — SM

"Eat breakfast. My morning ritual includes a bowl of heritage flakes (that I buy as a six-pack on Amazon) and a cup of tea." — GF

"I eat protein. Because of my exercise schedule, I try to really emphasise the protein in my diet. I make scrambled eggs several times a week, use protein powder in smoothies and pancakes, add nut butter to oats, order chicken in kale salads, grab a nut butter Clif Bar after a class, and I eat a good amount of salmon." — DA


"I meal plan every Sunday. I know this is not a daily activity, but a weekly one. Laying out what my family will eat for dinner Sunday through Thursday ensures we eat well-balanced meals and takes a lot of stress out of coming home from work." — SM

"I change into my workout clothes before I leave the office. If I'm planning to go to the gym or a class, I always make sure to change into my gear before I leave the work. Driving in LA traffic, there is always the temptation to nix my workout but by committing to wearing my favourite Vie Active or Alo tights, it gets me into the gym." — GF

"This is less of an 'every day' and more of an every week, but I try always plan my workouts ahead of time. If I have it on the schedule, especially if it's prepaid, I'm way less likely to skip class (like, I can't bail on this 7 a.m. Spin class, I paid $30!!). I like that it keeps me organised and committed." — DA

"It might not be a daily thing, but I map out my workout schedule every weekend. My goal is to have at least four, if not five classes booked for the week. Once those are scheduled out, they're pretty nonnegotiable. I then schedule happy hours, dinners, and brunch dates around them." — MF


"Get enough sleep. I can fall asleep anywhere, anytime (my fiancée has a folder of me sleeping in and on various cars, planes, and sofas to prove it). Sleep is essential for me to concentrate at work, to be happy, and to recover my body after a hard workout." — GF

"I like sleep probably more than most people. Like Genevieve, I can fall asleep literally anywhere (including the LA Coliseum during a football game . . .), but I make sure I get at least seven hours every night, with a goal of eight (my average is eight hours, 12 minutes and I'm really happy about it). — DA

"To sleep better, I limit myself to one cup of coffee a day and cut the caffeine after that. If I drink more, my stomach feels bad and I have trouble sleeping, but I love the way coffee tastes and the feel of warm mug in my hands. Thank God for rooibos tea." — SM

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