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4 Ways to Make Your Evening Home Workouts Stick

It can be hard to commit to any workout when you're not in a consistent routine, and home workouts prove even harder because of all the distractions you're surrounded with. If you're struggling to make evenings your time to work up a sweat, try implementing the following tips for a smoother road to workout success.

Get Enough Sleep

One way to ensure you have enough energy to see you through the workday and beyond is by getting an adequate amount of sleep. Making sure you have a sleep schedule in place that compels you go to bed and wake up at the right time will not only allow you to better manage how you spend the rest of your time, it'll also allow your body to regulate your energy levels.

Eat Right

If you're rummaging through the fridge moments after you walk through the front door, a workout is going to be the furthest thing from your mind. Try to follow a schedule that allows you to have squeeze in the right pre-workout snacks before your commute home, so that you're fuelled up and full of energy when it's time to hit the mat.


Schedule It

Treat your home workouts with the same reverence you would an expensive workout class that's bought and paid for. Schedule them for a specific time in your calendar, and commit to getting them done. Although you can be flexible regarding times, try sticking to a weekly schedule to avoid constantly moving them to different days, and make sure you're getting all your workouts in.

Be Prepared

Keeping your fitness gear firmly out of sight might lead to the workout itself being out of mind. If you know you struggle with motivation or forgetfulness, keeping your exercise mat in a visible place or laying your gear out on your bed will serve as an unavoidable reminder.

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