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How to Meditate and Stay Calm When You're Busy

5 Do-Anywhere Exercises That'll Take Your Day From Chaotic to Calm in No Time

Ridding yourself of stress can sometimes seem easier said than done. And because we all know how hard it can be to sneak a calming yoga practice or guided meditation into a busy day, it's important to take advantage of the small pockets of time we do have to hack away at the stresses of life. Start taking advantage of the benefits of meditation in your own time. Here are five exercises wellness guru Ashley Hunt advises you incorporate into your morning that'll take your day from chaotic to calm in mere minutes.

Take Deep Breaths

Be aware of your breaths and try to make them as deep and as calming as they can be. Whenever you feel stress or anxiety start to take hold, start to breathe deeper into your belly, letting the breath expand into your body. Breathing deep may sound elementary, but it's a beneficial exercise that's instantly calming and can be done anywhere.

Count Your Breath

Counting your breath is a great way of practising focus and concentration. Without losing your concentration, take 10 deep breaths, keeping in mind that each inhale and exhale counts as one breath. Starting from 10, count all the way down to one, repeating the exercise as often as you feel the need to.

Switch Off

Finding yourself constantly scrolling through your phone or using other things to distract yourself during quiet times? Let go of your constant need for stimulation by consciously switching off. Instead of reaching for Instagram, try to enjoy the stillness of these quiet moments, take a breath to fight the FOMO, and think of something that relaxes you. The more you practice this detachment to social media and other stimuli, the easier it will become.


Constantly juggling endless to-do lists and the stresses of everyday life can take its toll on your mental state, leaving you anxious, stressed, and unable to focus on particular tasks. Try to immerse yourself completely in the task at hand and give it your full focus by avoiding the usual distractions like checking your emails or picking up the phone.

By giving each task the attention it deserves and no longer spreading yourself too thin, you'll benefit from increased productivity and improved personal relationships.

Be Present

Try to be present as often as possible throughout your day. By being mindful about every task you carry out, no matter how routine, you engage yourself and avoid getting preoccupied with other worries, thereby making your day that little bit more stress-free.

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