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Your Favourite Sauces Might Be Sabotaging Your Weight-Loss Success

It can be hard to constantly work out, eat healthy, and still not see the results of our hard work. One culprit holding you back from hitting your weight-loss goals could be the hidden sugars in your favourite condiments. While it may not seem like a big deal, processed condiments and sauces are sometimes hiding high amounts of sugar and salt behind all that flavour. Much like you've had to find healthier alternatives to refined sugar, you might have to skip your tasty add-ons for less processed alternatives that don't contribute to your salt and sugar intake. Read on to see whether your favourite sauces are sabotaging your weight-loss success.

Condiment Serving Size (1 tbsp.) Calories Sugar (grams) Salt (milligrams)
Ketchup 17 grams 19 3.7 154
Sriracha 12 grams 15 3 240
Dijon mustard 15 grams 15 0.1 360
Mayonnaise 13 grams 101 0.5 210
Salad cream 15 grams 44 2.6 300
HP sauce 15 grams 18 3.5 200
BBQ sauce 15 grams 20 4.3 200
Soy sauce 16 grams 9 3.7 879
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