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How to Save Calories on Appetizers

4 Calorie-Saving Restaurant Strategies to Use Before You Order

If you love to dine out on the weekends but are also trying to lose weight, the answer doesn't have to be depriving yourself of your favourite starter and opting for a naked salad instead. Before you order your main, here are some easy strategies to ensure you're able to enjoy your meal without wasting calories.

Eat something healthy at home: If you're going to an overindulgent dinner, do it the smart way — have a healthy snack before you go so you can enjoy your meal without stuffing yourself because you arrived famished. A cup of yoghurt with berries, a handful of nuts, or fruit with a few pieces of cheese are all enough to keep you satisfied so you don't overdo it at dinner.

Nix the bread basket: Some people trying to lose weight would rather not have a mountain of empty carbs staring them in the face before the food arrives. If you're of the "out of sight, out of mind" set, nip temptation in the bud by asking the waiter to not bring the bread basket out (or grab one piece and tell them to take it away).

Drink a glass of water: Water is a great way to sate hunger for a little bit, so if you feel like your grumbling stomach is becoming part of the dinner conversation, ask your waiter to bring you a glass of water as soon as you sit down — you'll be less apt to order every appetiser on the menu if you've filled up on water.

Choose healthy: If you're ordering a starter, make sure you pick the best one. Go for brothy soups that fill you up without draining your calorie bank, grilled meats instead of battered and fried, or healthy salads. Making smart decisions at the start of your dinner allows you to have more wiggle room later on (like, say, when dessert time rolls around!).

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