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How to Save Calories at Parties

If You Want to Lose Weight and Still Enjoy Parties, Follow This Dietitian's Trick

Whether it's a family dinner, a friend's birthday party for their kid, an after hours work thing, or a Sunday football get together, parties and events seem to always involve food — and lots of it. And we're not talking about kale chips and quinoa salads! It can be impossible to stick to your healthy ways when surrounded by so much decadent food.

Registered dietitian Rachel Paul, known as collegenutritionist on Instagram, posted these comparison photos with an easy trick — fill up your plate with mostly veggies! If you're stressed about what choices will be available, Rachel suggests bringing a tray of veggies with you. "Everyone appreciates it & there's always something to munch on!" she wrote.

As you can see from the two plates above, you can still enjoy the foods you love (like wings), but if you just go for a taste, it'll save you hundreds of calories. And if you shift your focus and savor the amazing people and the sparkling conversation, you'll feel full and satisfied in a different way!

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