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Instagram About Feeling Confident at the Gym

Lucy's Before-and-After Transformation Has Nothing to Do With Her Weight

Lucy took to Instagram to share these inspiring transformation photos for one reason: to encourage women not to feel scared or self-conscious at the gym. She says she used to feel so intimidated and would only work out at home to prevent worrying about people watching her or whether or not she was making fitness mistakes. If you've ever felt nervous about working out in front of other people, Lucy can totally relate and wants to share this story.

During a recent gym trip, Lucy said it was really busy. She finally spotted a free barbell and walked up to a personal trainer to ask if he was using it. He didn't say a word. He just stared and nodded. She went on to say, "The girl he was training laughed at him (which made me feel like he was joking) so I ask again nicely, to which he does the same thing and they both start laughing at me. Instantly I was angry as THIS IS WHY GIRLS HAVE ZERO CONFIDENCE IN THE GYM. People who think they can be bullies."

"Do whatever YOU want to, and if you want to lift heavy weights, you definitely can."

It's hard enough making the decision to get in shape and gathering the courage to walk into a gym when you're a newbie, so it's unfortunate to hear people being insensitive and unsupportive. Lucy doesn't share this story to discourage women from hitting the gym. She says, "I just want to point out that sometimes you do get horrible people in life, it's how you deal with them that's important. So I went straight to reception to complain, got on with my workout and hopefully I won't see this person again."

Lucy says that "the biggest change for me here isn't the physical difference you see; it's 100% how my mindset has changed." She adds that going to the gym and learning how to lift weights is what has given her "so much more confidence." She wishes she could have told her old, self-conscious self not to be afraid of anything and "not to worry what other people think because most of the time no one around you is watching anyway." She urges other women to work out any way they want. "Do whatever YOU want to, and if you want to lift heavy weights, you definitely can 👊 Show those boys who's boss."

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