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Jeanette Jenkins Pillow Ab Workout

All You Need For This Celebrity Trainer's Killer Ab Workout Is a Pillow

Looking for a killer ab workout? You don't need to head to a fancy studio or even the gym; fire up those ab muscles right in the comfort of your own home. As celebrity trainer Jeanette Jenkins showed in an Instagram video, all you need are a throw pillow and a comfy surface to lie on.

Jeanette shows nine moves to do with a pillow, all of which target your core. It's a creative way to incorporate bodyweight movements into your ab routine. She recommends doing 30 seconds of each ab exercise and repeating two or three times.

Not only will working your abs give you definition, but it will also strengthen your core, which in turn helps your posture and balance and can prevent back pain. Now you have no excuse not to fit in a good ab workout.

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