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Jennifer Lopez Flexing Arm Muscles on Instagram

J Lo Shared a Photo of Her "Superwoman" Biceps, and Excuse Me While I Grab My Dumbbells

Ladies and gentlemen, I am wholeheartedly shook. Here I was just innocently scrolling through Instagram and laughing at memes when WHA-BAM! Jennifer Lopez and her insanely sculpted physique suddenly graced my feed. I stared in amazement at her statuesque deltoids, biceps, triceps, and other bulging muscles that I cannot accurately identify because I skipped Human Anatomy in high school. I thought to myself, "Damn, if this is what 49 looks like, sign me up!"

When J Lo shared the above photo of herself practically epitomizing the arm-flexing emoji, she paired it with a powerful caption about how she's feeling incredibly fit going into the final leg of her All I Have musical tour. "Feeling like superwoman after the show tonight!" she began the caption. "When I started this run I thought omg 15 shows in 27 days that's a lot . . . but I made a promise to myself that instead of letting it wear me down I would be even stronger at the end of it . . . I will work out and be in the best shape of my life."

She went on to admit that there were moments when she felt exhausted (understandably so!) and had to strategically squeeze in her workouts between shows, but it ultimately paid off in the end. "I am having so many emotions but mostly just feeling strong, happy and grateful!!!" she wrote.


Well, in case you need some motivation to hit the gym or pick up those dumbbells that are gathering dust under your couch, this photo of J Lo's shredded arm muscles should do the trick. I'll personally be setting it as my phone background for the foreseeable future. Happy lifting!

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