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Jillian Michaels Ab and Butt Workout

Grab Your Disc Sliders — This Jillian Michaels Circuit Will Target Your Abs and Booty

Jillian Michaels may be ripped, but she knows how to get in a good workout without complicated equipment or the weight rack. The trainer and fitness expert, who who creates workouts for the My Fitness by Jillian Michaels app, shared an ab and glute-focussed workout on her Instagram page that people can do anywhere.

Although Jillian used disc sliders, which you can buy on Amazon for $10, you can also perform these exercises with two washcloths. Worth nothing: These need to be done on a hard surface like a hardwood or tile floor. The circuit included a total of four moves and she recommended to do them all in a row and then repeat for four rounds. The moves will definitely challenge your strength and stability, and target your core and glutes.

If you're sick of crunches, ab bicycles, and planks, grab some sliders (or towels!) and incorporate this routine into your core work. Your abs will definitely be sore!

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