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Jillian Michaels Full-Body Workout February 2017

Jillian Michaels Shares a Killer Full-Body Workout Involving Just a Bench

Jillian Michaels just reaffirmed the notion that you don't always need a lot of equipment to get in a full-body workout. In a video shared to Instagram this week, the renowned trainer demonstrated a few challenging moves that only really require the use of a bench.

At the start of the workout, Jillian grips the bench as she uses her core strength to continually hop over it with her legs while maintaining stability in her upper body. As if that doesn't already look exhausting, she then proceeds to jump over the bench, landing in a push-up each time.

Jillian also introduces the use of a medicine ball in a few moves, like a few single-leg squats, side lunges, and jumping lunges. While the medicine ball adds an additional element, those workouts are certainly tough on their own. Jillian then ends the workout with elevated jumping lunges using the bench.

If you're intrigued by her high-intensity workout, check it out in its entirety, above.

This post was originally published on February 20, 2017

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