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Karlie Kloss Working Out in Snow March 2018

Warning: Karlie Kloss's Snowstorm Workout May Send Shivers Down Your Spine

No jacket? No problem. That is, if you're Karlie Kloss. While most New Yorkers have yet to leave the house during Wednesday's Winter Storm Toby, the 25-year-old model and abominable snowman did the opposite and braced the brutal weather in the name of fitness. Wearing just a sports bra, leggings, and a baseball hat, Karlie powered through the storm and went sledding at the Dogpound gym. It's not the typical "sled" we're used to enjoying on a snowy day, but her dedication to her goals is seriously admirable.

We can all appreciate a difficult leg workout, especially with the weighted sled, but let's discuss the obvious: isn't she cold?! This isn't the first time Karlie's dabbled in a frigid Winter workout; first getting her cardio in on a sliding lateral board during January's "bomb cyclone." All hypothermia concerns aside, bravo to Karlie for staying true to her "sNOw days off" mentality.

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