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Kayla Itsines 7-Minute Barbell Workout

No Time? This 7-Minute Circuit Will Work Your Entire Body With Just 1 Piece of Equipment

Kayla Itsines has given POPSUGAR her favourite ab exercises and a 14-minute strengthening workout — they're both great. But when she was pregnant with her daughter Arna, she modified her sweat sessions as needed with clearance from her doctor. Once she gave birth in April, she was on the road to recovery. Kayla recently posted a 7-minute circuit on her Instagram page that requires just one barbell, and we've got the details for you right here.

Kayla clarified to POPSUGAR that she currently does this workout, but every new mom will have her own journey back to their fitness routine. "As each woman's postpartum journey is different, it is important women are following the advice from their healthcare professionals during this time," Kayla said. This is a full-body routine since there are moves for both your lower body (glutes, quads, hamstrings) as well as your upper body (shoulders, back, triceps, biceps). All the while, you have to engage your core to promote proper form and stability. Check out how to do each move in the video above, and read through the instructions ahead.

Kayla Itsines 7-Minute Full-Body Circuit

Equipment needed: A barbell. Kayla said she's using 10 kilograms in this video. When selecting the right weight for your barbell, Kayla indicated that it should be based on your ability to do 12 complete reps of shoulder presses. If you can't get up to 12, you should make the weight lighter.


Directions: Don't forget to warm up before (here's a dynamic warmup to try). Complete as many rounds of the four moves as you can in a 7-minute interval. For a more intense workout, repeat the 7-minute interval up to four times (many of Kayla's workouts are usually 28 minutes long).

  • Barbell squat: 10 reps
  • Shoulder press: 12 reps⁣
  • Romanian deadlift: 10 reps
  • Bent-Over row: 12 reps⁣

"This is perfect for someone who likes to get to the gym and just GET IT DONE. No fuss, no switching equipment or machines," Kayla wrote on Instagram. True! Also, if you're lucky enough to have a barbell at home, this could be a quick routine right in your living room (or bedroom — we don't judge). When you're done, don't forget to cool down with some full-body stretches. We want to see you work!

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