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Kelsey Wells Shoulders and Abs Workout

Sculpt Your Shoulders and Abs With Kelsey Wells's 5-Move Strengthening Workout

Kelsey Wells is a badass in the gym, and we can't get enough of her strength workouts on Instagram. Creator of the PWR program (found on the SWEAT app), Kelsey is always coming up with intense strengthening workouts that you can do at home or at the gym. She's constantly sharing snippets of the PWR workouts, and her week 23 workout is all about the shoulders and abs. If you're looking for a challenge, this is definitely it.

The Workout

First, you'll do a triset (performing three exercises with little to no rest in between each) of the following exercises:

Take 30 seconds of rest, and repeat for a total of three rounds. Then proceed to the burnout:

Be sure to check out how Kelsey does each move in the video above.

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