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Kettlebell Leg Workout

If You Want Strong, Toned Legs, Do This Trainer's Intermediate Kettlebell Workout

Who doesn't want strong, functional legs? If your goal is to build up your quads and achieve lean legs, this workout will help you get there. Marcus Martinez, kettlebell expert, creator of the Kettlebell Difference and Master Trainer at Onnit Academy, recently posted this kettlebell complex for anyone who is looking for a challenging functional workout.

"Always toeing that line of incorporating foundational movements and experimenting with new combos. This was the latter and it lit my quads a blazin' 🔥🔥," Marcus wrote. "I love adding new forms of cleans and I liked how this variation forces you to create a stable base in an unstable position (the bottom of the squat). Adding in a 'sprawl' in the form of a quadruped position with your knees off the ground was a great way to add in some antagonistic and take (some of) the pressure off the legs."

Grab a light to medium kettlebell to do this workout. From a squat position, clean the kettlebell into the racked position, where the bell is on the outside of your wrist. Then put the kettlebell back down and jump your feet back into a bear plank, where your knees are bent and only a few inches off the ground. Repeat the whole thing on the other side.

Marcus recommends doing "sets of 60 seconds alternating arms. Two sets to be exact because daaaaaaamn. Needless to say you don't need to go heavy."

Give this a try and enjoy the quad burn!

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