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KonMari Method For Workout Clothes

I KonMari-ed My Workout Clothes, and Now My Beloved Sneakers Bring Me Even More Joy

KonMari Method For Workout Clothes

Like most people with access to Netflix and a WiFi connection, I too have become enchanted by the tiny organisational wizard known as Marie Kondo and her uncanny ability to spark joy through artfully arranging clothes and adding small boxes to drawers and closets.

With the help of my organiser Holly — I needed some emotional assistance to get started with this mess — I tackled the biggest part of my closet: my workout clothes. (Being a fitness editor has perks.)

Of course, as any organiser would tell you, the first step is the purge. Eliminate any piece that no longer serves you, or no longer "sparks joy," as Marie would say. I followed suit, and had heaps and heaps of clothes to give to (very stoked) friends and donate to charity.

Lesson: the limit does exist, contrary to what Mean Girls would have you believe. Second lesson: Marie makes everything look so easy, and I honestly wish I had that graceful air about me, but alas, it takes work to get on this joy-sparking level.

Ahead are the different sections of my room and workout wardrobe, and how I got them organised using my best attempt at the KonMari method. If you're a novice like me, I hope this proves to be equal parts helpful and validating.

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