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Lindsey Vonn Hanging Core Exercise

Lindsey Vonn Literally Defies Gravity With This Insanely Effective Hanging Core Exercise

See that guy in the middle, casually checking out Lindsey Vonn as she CRUSHES this insanely challenging ab exercise? If it were me, I'd be staring wide-eyed with my mouth open, chin on the floor. I'd be like, "Hey Lindsey. Holy sh*t! Can you show me how I can be as incredibly badass as you? Thanks."

This move is a double dose of muscle-building awesomeness. First of all, Lindsey is hanging from a bar and holding her body in a sort of half pull-up with her elbows bent to work her upper body. And then she adds in the rotating knees to chest to massively target her core.

I know this move looks difficult, but you can modify it by just hanging from a bar with your arms straight. If moving your knees from side to side is too hard, just practice raising and lowering your knees. If hanging from a bar is too much of a challenge, just do a Seated Russian Twist instead — it'll still work your abs!

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