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Losing Weight Is Not an Easy Process | Instagram

This Photo Proves That Losing Weight Is Damn Hard!

The reality is that weight doesn't just fall off you as soon as you decide you want it to go. Heck, even exercising and eating healthy 24/7 isn't automatically a quick fix. Losing weight is hard and this woman admits that it hasn't been an easy process for her, sharing that her weight has gone up and down over the past few years. Ever since birth, she says, "I've gone from 4lbs 5oz to 289 to 232 to 218 to 194 to 215 to 210 and I can go on and on."

And even though the scale numbers have yo-yoed, she welcomes her journey and loves and accepts her shape as it is, saying, "I want to embrace every curve, roll and crease in my body each and everyday as it transitions into what I truly want it to be."

She shares that being consistent with staying on the healthy path has always been a struggle for her, but she's finally ready to make a change. "This is my body, bad choices ruined it, and now I'm ready to fix." And she's not giving up! If losing weight has been especially difficult for you, you'll love hearing her say, "There will be days I want to quit, there has been days when I have quit. But I will forever keep TRYING and that's what counts the most." Losing weight is damn hard, but knowing that other people share in your struggle and feel your pain should offer some inspiration to keep at it!

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