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Low-Calorie Mocha Protein Shake With Cold Brew Coffee Recipe

The Protein-Packed Pre-Workout Iced Mocha All Coffee-Lovers Need to Try

While we love nothing more than eating our energy and protein, sometimes the mad dash to fit a workout in leaves no time to fuel up before your session. The answer to these problems lies in this delicious iced mocha that uses cold brew coffee for an antioxidant, caffeine kick and your favourite chocolate protein powder to provide you with a powerhouse, pre-workout shake that's perfect for when you're on the go.


Iced Mocha Protein Shake

Florie Mwanza, POPSUGAR UK Fitness


Replace the chocolate whey protein with a vegan alternative to make this shake vegan.

Low-Calorie Mocha Protein Shake With Cold Brew Coffee Recipe


  1. 250 ml almond milk
    250 ml cold brew coffee (I used Nomi Kyoto cold brew coffee)
    1 scoop chocolate protein (I used PhD Woman Support & Recovery)
    1 tablespoon cocoa powder
    1 teaspoon agave nectar


  1. Place all ingredients except ice in blender and blitz until mixed.
  2. Pour over ice and enjoy immediately.


Calories per serving
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