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Lower-Body Bodyweight Workout

This Trainer's Effective Lower-Body Workout Requires No Equipment Whatsoever

You don't need much space to fit in a solid workout. In fact, sometimes you don't even need equipment. Certified trainer and Animal Flow expert Francheska Martinez at Onnit proves this time and time again on her Instagram page. Her latest workout is a simple bodyweight flow that will target your legs and booty, but also fit in some nice core work.

You'll start with a lateral lunge and move directly into a side kick-through, which is a basic Animal Flow movement that requires you to fire up your abs. From there, you transition back into the lateral lunge and repeat the same thing on the other side. Francheska recommends doing 10 reps on each leg, which completes one round. Do five rounds in total with "minimal rest between rounds."

Give this a try, and see how you like it! Move slow and controlled so you can really feel the movement and focus on your form.

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