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Macros Cheatsheet

This Macronutrient Cheat Sheet Is Key to Helping You Lose Weight

Counting carbs and calories unfortunately doesn't always equal weight-loss success, and that's because it's all about the quality of the foods you're consuming. Tracking your macros (protein, fat, and carbs) instead may actually be key. Macronutrients are what make up the caloric content of what you eat, but some foods provide more nutritional value than others.

Zach Rocheleau, who's behind the Instagram account theflexibledietinglifestyle, posted a handy macros cheat sheet to help you identify which groups certain foods belong to. The graphic also displays items that crossover in additional categories. Here's how he broke it down:

  • Carb sources (bread, rice, pasta)
  • Carbs and protein sources (beans, grains, yoghurt)
  • Protein sources (chicken, turkey, fish)
  • Protein and fat sources (eggs, salmon, chia seeds)
  • Fat sources (avocados, nuts, olives)

A formula you can follow for weight-loss macro planning: 20 percent fat, 45 percent carbohydrate, 35 percent protein. This paired with the cheat sheet above will set you up for success!

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