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Exactly How Sophy Ate 7 Meals a Day (Biscuits Included!) and Lost Almost 3 Stone

All it takes is one look at Sophy's Instagram profile in order to see how fit, curvy, and healthy she is. However, only a year ago, she "always felt sluggish, tired," and she "couldn't walk outside during Summer time with my thighs chaffing away." She wrote in an Instagram post, "It was horrid. Not only that, but I was weak. I had almost ZERO muscle I swear lol."

"I chose macros because you can incorporate Oreos (my fave!) and anything into your diet as long as it fits."

She decided to take charge of her own life. "The first thing to change was MINDSET," Sophy wrote. "I cannot stress the importance of changing your outlook on things. The rest such as confidence, motivation, and physical changes follow after your mindset is right."

POPSUGAR caught up with Sophy to get the inside scoop on her transformation. She told us she lost 40 pounds in a year, but it wasn't all about number on a scale. "I've also gained 20 pounds of muscle," she said. It all began by changing her approach to food.

"I eat about six or seven meals a day, each about 300 calories."

"I counted my macros," she said. "I did lots of research and basically trial and error. I have PCOS, so it was hard to figure out what worked for me best." When she finally settled on eating a healthy, balanced diet (no fad diet in sight!) and counting her macros, she saw some amazing changes.

Because she was trying to build curves and gain muscle, Sophy knew she had to eat a solid amount of food to see changes. "I eat about six or seven meals a day, each about 300 calories," she explained. That comes out to roughly 1,800 to 2,100 calories a day.

"[My meals] consist of white rice, fibrous veggies, like broccoli, asparagus, etc., and some kind of protein (whatever fits my macros), like chicken, salmon, beef, turkey," she said. This kind of well-rounded diet became a sustainable practice for Sophy, so she never felt deprived or hungry.

Next up was Sophy's training program. "When I started, I did minimal cardio — two times a week, about 30 minutes of a slow, steady walk — with compound weightlifting, like squats, deadlifts, and bench press," she told POPSUGAR. "Then when I got used to it, about three or four months after, I started isolating each muscle group that I wanted to grow."

"When I started, I did minimal cardio."

"For me, it was my lats (for a smaller waist), glutes, and hips," she continued. She wanted her strength-training program to result in a curvy figure, which is why she stuck to weightlifting rather than doing an enormous amount of cardio.

Sophy now does online coaching for other women who are interested in making a similar transformation. Her advice for anyone out there who is trying to lose weight and build muscle? "Always think of it as a lifestyle change," she suggested. "It's about long-term results, not a quick fix. Don't make yourself miserable for a small five pounds, because it will be gained back."

And when it comes to your diet, Sophy says the biggest challenge is finding something that you can stick to, something that works for you. "If you don't enjoy something, you're not going to stick to it very long," she said. "I chose macros because you can incorporate Oreos (my fave!) and anything into your diet as long as it fits. Plus, your meals can differ every day!"

She suggests you make "little changes here and there," rather than aggressively go for big goals. "Slowly things will come into place and you'll get that dream bod!"

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