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Maia and Alex Shibutani Ice Dancing to "Fix You"

This Wildly Emotional Ice Dancing Performance to "Fix You" Will Take You Places

All eyes are on Maia and Alex Shibutani, the immensely talented American ice dancers who are competing in the 2018 Winter Olympics. Maia, 23, and Alex, 26, are a sister-and-brother duo who are known for skating with grace and heartfelt emotion, and it's hard to watch them without getting goosebumps.

In preparation for the Pyeongchang Olympics, which start on Feb. 9, we took a look back at our favourite performance by Maia and Alex. In 2016 at the US Nationals, they performed an ice dancing routine to the tear-jerker "Fix You" by Coldplay. When the beat kicks in and the music starts to pick up, right around minute three of the video, their perfectly synchronised spins and lifts will make your jaw drop to the floor. Get ready to feel things.

The crowd goes wild several times throughout the performance because, well, how could you not? Maia and Alex somehow find the perfect combination of clean, technical unison and genuinely touching emotion. We can't wait to see them perform in the Olympics this year!

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