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Mum's Instagram Post About Loose Skin

After Losing 100 Pounds, This Fit Mum Is Getting Real About Excess Skin

In just a little over a year, blogger Rachel Graham lost nearly 100 pounds all while raising her two young sons. Though her complete lifestyle overhaul has turned her into an inspiration for her 116,000 followers on Instagram, she recently opened up about her struggle with excess skin.

In an Instagram post, Rachel said, "I'd be lying if I said my loose skin wasn't an insecurity of mine." Rachel then explained how said "insecurity" surrounding her loose skin and stretch marks — a result of her weight loss and both pregnancies — doesn't outweigh her current healthier and happier lifestyle. Rachel ended the candid post by saying that she does plan on having skin removal surgery one day.

Rachel's post serves as a gentle reminder to value and respect the physical changes your body is capable of — from getting fit to giving birth.

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