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Powerlifter's 7-Month Transformation

The Motto That Fuelled Steph's 7-Month Transformation Deserves a F*ckin' Billboard

If you've been having trouble shedding (or gaining) the pounds in an effort to change your body, Steph Butch has some words of wisdom that'll certainly help you on your journey. A powerlifter who now sticks to a mostly plant-based diet, Steph recently shared a before-and-after collage that shows how her body has transformed over a seven-month period. In the photo from the present day, her whole body (especially her tummy) is notably more toned, but it's her caption that truly speaks to us on a deeper level.

Though short and sweet, Steph's caption contains a vital nugget of knowledge that everyone needs to read. "I think the most important lesson I've learned is that setbacks make comebacks," she wrote. "Don't let mistakes derail you. Get back up and keep pushin!" We couldn't agree more with that statement.

POPSUGAR touched base with Steph to hear more about her mindset during her transformation, and the powerlifter offered up additional must-hear words about the concept of consistency. She explained how sticking to a regular schedule is a must if you want to see results like hers, but that you shouldn't quit altogether if you happen to fall off track every once in a while. "Just be consistent," she told us. "One bad day won't ruin anything. Don't beat yourself up for enjoying a treat now and then. Embrace the process and run with it. Progress isn't linear."

BRB, making that last little tidbit into a wallpaper and permanently setting it as our cell phone backgrounds. "Progress isn't linear" ā€” remember that!

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