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Reasons to Masturbate on Your Period

7 Reasons Why You Should Absolutely Masturbate While on Your Period

Sometimes you want the grand finale of sex without all the work leading up to — and that's not selfish, it's called self-care! We already know that masturbating is good for you (really good), but what about when you have your period? There's no problem here, because that's one thing that shouldn't stop you from having a really intense orgasm. In fact, there are only good reasons to get yourself off at that time of the month. Whether you prefer manual stimulation or help from your favourite sex toy, this is your green light to get down with yourself (with or without your period)!

1. Masturbating can ease your period cramps.

Wait, for real?! That's right, as if masturbating isn't awesome enough, it can help relieve those pesky cramps. "When you orgasm, your body releases dopamine and oxytocin — natural pain relievers that can get rid of some of the most intense period pain," said Emily Morse, a sexologist and host of the Sex With Emily podcast. And to top it all off, the more intense of an orgasm you have, the more pain will be relieved. So we're just going to leave some self-pleasuring tips right here . . .

2. Having an orgasm can help you sleep.

Some nights it just seems impossible to fall sleep, especially if you're bloated and uncomfortable on your period. So hey! An orgasm may just be what the doctor (or, in this case, sexologist) ordered! "Sure, sex can be exhausting in and of itself, but the act of having an orgasm also causes sleepiness," Morse said. Releasing those endorphins can help you relax and even have a better night's sleep. Instead of refreshing your Instagram for the 12th time to pass the time, have an amazing solo session!

3. You're probably already horny.

"A lot of women are actually more turned on and aroused during their period," Morse explained. This can be due to several reasons; one being that while estrogen levels are at their lowest during menstruation, testosterone levels are at their highest, and testosterone influences woman's sex drive. Luckily, you don't need someone else to get off, so take advantage of a toe-curling orgasm all by yourself!

4. You might come even stronger.

Many women experience more intense orgasms while they're on their periods. Morse explained that this could be because the uterine muscle contracts and increases blood flow to the pelvic muscle. Sounds like a good time to us!

5. You already have a natural lubricant.

Praise hands for making sex and masturbating as comfortable as possible! No lube is needed here because that blood can make sex or using a toy a whole lot more fun. Just remember to use a condom with your partner, because it's still very much possible to get pregnant or contract and STI/STD during your menstrual cycle, Morse said.

6. There's a chance you'll have a shorter period cycle.

While it's hard to say for certain, some reports have said that the contractions happening when you orgasm can shorten your period. This is because it causes you to shed blood faster. Honestly, it doesn't matter to us if this is true for our periods or not because we'll still have fun trying!

7. There literally isn't one downside to masturbating on your period.

If blood makes you a little queasy, Morse suggests jumping in the shower and taking it from there! Otherwise, lay a towel down on your bed and you're good to go. You can have peace of mind knowing that there is no evidence giving any reason why you should not masturbate on your period. Have fun!

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