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Reasons You're Not Losing Weight

If You're Just Not Losing Weight, Any of These 9 Sneaky Culprits May Be the Reason Why

If you've been trying hard for a long time to lose weight, and you just can't get there, there could be several reasons why, according to best-selling author Max Lugavere. "There is so much confusion when it comes to losing weight," he wrote in his Instagram post. "But really, if that's your goal, on the surface, the process should be quite simple. Unfortunately, today we are saddled with stress, sleep debt, and a food supply that often seems intent on working against us."

While you may think losing weight comes down to just counting calories or working out a lot, Max says there are some sneaky things that could be preventing you from shedding excess pounds. "I made this simple graphic to highlight some of the less obvious ways you may be holding on to extra lbs," he wrote.

He says any of these nine things may be stalling your weight-loss efforts:

  • Too many added oils and fats
  • Binging on healthy but high-calorie foods
  • Hunger triggered by processed carbs and sugar
  • Not enough quality sleep
  • Chronic stress
  • Inflammatory fats and oils
  • Not enough dietary fibre
  • Focusing on burning calories, not building muscle
  • Not enough protein

If any of these sound familiar, chat with a doctor, trainer, or dietitian to figure out how you can fix it. The sooner you get healthy, the sooner you'll be able to lose weight!

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