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Resistance Band Butt Workout

This Glute Workout Will Set Your Booty on Fire With Just 1 Piece of Equipment

To get a good glute workout and see some serious booty gains, you may think you need to hit the squat rack or load up on barbell hip thrusts. And while these are excellent glute exercises, you can still get in an effective booty workout using just your bodyweight and a resistance band.

Personal trainer Bret Contreras, PhD, who calls himself the "Glute Guy," showed off a two-move exercise on his Instagram account. Although it looks simple, you'll definitely feel the burn. The moves require just a knee resistance band and consist of a knee-banded glute bridge and a supine hip abduction. To really feel the burn, perform it like a ladder starting with 15 bridges and 15 abductions, followed by 14 bridges and 14 abductions, and so on down the ladder until you get to one.

"This is the most brutal and loved/hated glute burnout we give to our clients," Bret wrote in his Instagram caption. He added if you're a beginner, you should start out with 12 and work your way down the ladder. When you feel more advanced, you can start with 15. If you need to, he advised to rest several times in between sets to make it through the whole workout.

Looking for booty gains? Grab a knee resistance band and get to work!

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