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Rules for Fat Loss

This Fat-Loss Coach Reveals the 4 Rules to Live By to Burn Fat

When people set out to lose weight, they probably don't think much about the type of weight they are losing; they just want to see the number on the scale go down. In reality, most people want to burn fat but maintain muscle mass.

While losing body fat may seem overwhelming, fat-loss coach Carter Good breaks it down to just four fat-loss rules to live by:

  • Never miss a healthy meal twice — if you have an "unhealthy meal," just make sure you follow it up with a healthy one.
  • When in doubt, order a meal that has lean protein and veggies.
  • If you're at a buffet or party, eat what you want but make sure it fits onto one plate.
  • Keep snacking to a minimum, but if you do snack, choose whole fruits or protein.

Carter wrote in his caption that these rules are great to live by for lifelong results. If you're trying to lose weight, he recommends eating at a calorie deficit and tracking the food you eat in addition to these rules. But if you have reached your goal weight or aren't actively trying to lose weight anymore, you can still implement these rules to maintain a healthy weight loss.

In addition to burning fat, most people want to also maintain muscle mass. To do this, you'll have to eat plenty of protein, about 1.2 to 1.8 grams per kilogram of bodyweight. You'll also want to implement strength training into your workout routine, at least two to three days a week.

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