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Shoulder Workout For Women

Get Ready For the Oscars With This Red Carpet Shoulder Workout From Simone De La Rue

The 2018 Academy Awards are coming up! On March 4, Hollywood's most beloved stars will gather together for the last award show of the season. Celebrity trainer Simone De La Rue has helped prepare countless women for the Oscars in her time, and she shared a shoulder workout on her Instagram that's specifically meant for the red carpet. Which means you don't have attend the Academy Awards to get an Academy Award look!

"Muscles worked: the deltoids, pectorals, trapezius, triceps and rotator cuff," she wrote. She starts off by alternating single arm overhead presses, which is a great way "to work on muscle growth and strength," then she moves into double arm presses. To get started, Simone says, "Raise your arms overhead so the dumbbells almost touch. Lower back down to starting position."

She recommends doing three sets of 4-8 reps on each side. You'll be one step closer to stronger, more toned arms. Want more upper-body work? Check out these must-have arm exercises for women.

Feeling like you want have a little dance party too? Try this 30-minute dance cardio workout lead by Simone:

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