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Simple Weight-Loss Tips

Do These 3 Simple Things Every Day to Lose Weight Effortlessly

Losing weight doesn't feel great when you only focus on restricting your diet and exercising like crazy. It doesn't have to be that hard, though! Incorporating simple changes into your daily life can yield HUGE results. Here are three painless weight-loss strategies you can use to reach your goals.

Add, Don't Subtract

You probably won't lose weight pounding piece after piece of pizza and tubs of ice cream, so you're making a healthy decision by ditching these kinds of foods. A simple mind shift can make all the difference in you being able to stick with limiting those foods and, more importantly, being happy about it. Don't think of all the foods you can't or shouldn't have — discover and rejoice in all the new and healthy foods you can eat.

Think it's impossible to get psyched about veggies? Learning how to make nutritious meals more exciting will be key to this. Skip the boring bowl of lettuce, cucumber, and carrots and make a kale, white bean, and maple-roasted butternut squash salad instead. Take a cooking class or play around with recipes to find healthier versions of the foods you like. For example, this lasagna is made with tofu, but you'd never know! And while grocery shopping, choose produce that's in season, because their flavors will inspire you to eat more fruits and veggies.

Stand More Than You Sit

Research shows the effects of sitting all day can be deadlier than smoking, but we also know standing burns more calories than sitting. So get up! Whenever possible, choose to stand while eating breakfast, checking email, having a meeting, waiting at the doctor's office, or at happy hour. If you have a desk job, invest in a standing desk. Aim to stand more than you sit during your waking hours.

Put It on Display

Putting healthy foods out where you can see them makes you more likely to reach for them when cravings strike. Keep fresh apples, bananas, pears, oranges, and avocados in a bowl on your counter. When you open your cupboard or pantry, have protein bars, nuts, and homemade 100-calorie snack packs staring back at you in one container. When you open the fridge, put healthy foods at eye level right in the front, such as baby carrots, sugar snap peas, hummus, apples, and yoghurt. Or better yet, keep containers of cut-up bell peppers, cucumbers, melon, and washed grapes so they're quick and easy to nosh on. The goal here is to make healthy foods as easy and accessible as a bag of crisps.

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