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Steph Curry on Mental Health

Steph Curry Talks Mental Health, and Why It's Just as Important as Physical Health

He's a two-time NBA champion, a father to two beautiful children (soon three!), and one of the most well-known names in the game of basketball, but Steph Curry knows that what's going on in his head has complete control over how he performs on the court. The topic of mental health in the NBA has been an ongoing discussion since players have recently come out and detailed their personal struggles, and Steph is continuing the conversation through his partnership with Kaiser Permanente. For the third year, the 30-year-old two-time MVP is acknowledging how important it is to seek treatment for mental health to "train your mind to be resilient," a press release explained.

His father, Dell Curry, played in the NBA until 2002, so Steph understood the pressure of being in the league from a very young age. When speaking with Kaiser Permanente, Steph explained that "total health" means to be in full control of your life. "Having a full awareness of how those stresses can manifest themselves in your life, while being able to try to get in front of them as best as possible, is key," he said. "This includes your physical health and making sure you're eating right, sleeping right, drinking water — all that good stuff — but also taking care of the mind, which is an extremely powerful thing."

Ah, the mind. In the video above, Steph admits that the biggest challenges of his life have taken place in his mind, not on the court, but confidence is the key to getting through them. "No matter what you want to do in life, the key is having confidence in yourself and the belief that you can accomplish anything that you want to, no matter what anybody says about you, or no matter what your friends are doing next to you," he explained. "You control your path, your destiny, and how you want to impact yourself, your family, and your community. And nobody can get in the way of that if you really are dedicated to doing it."

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