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Summer Fitness Bucket List

Get Healthy and Have Fun: Check Off Everything From This Fit Summer Bucket List

The days are stretching on forever, the sun is here to stay, and your schedule is opening up for so many fun opportunities: how will you take advantage of summertime? Use the extra daylight to check some things off your Summer bucket list, and here are some ideas. This Summer will be your best — and healthiest — yet.

  1. Plan a new running route. Pick a park or trail, ditch the treadmill, and go experience the great outdoors on foot.
  2. Try an outdoor bench workout and get some sunshine while you do some bodyweight exercises.
  3. Go for a hike! Whether it's right in your garden or a road trip away, pick a spot and head for a Saturday morning trek.
  4. Swim in the ocean, lake, or river — jump into the fresh, cool water and work your whole body in the most serene of ways.
  5. Try a pool workout, like this circuit routine in the water. It'll keep your workout cool when it's extra hot outside.
  6. Plan a long bike ride or bike to work during the week to get moving in the nice weather.
  7. Learn how to surf — check for classes and camps at beaches near your holiday spot, you'll get a total-body workout and have a ton of fun!
  8. Try a new class you've never taken. New to Zumba? Never tried SoulCycle? Scared of boxing? Sign up and go for it!
  9. Go stand-up paddleboarding, or if you're feeling particularly adventurous, try SUP yoga!
  10. Pick up an impromptu game of beach volleyball (or park volleyball, depending on where you are).
  11. Kayak to a picnic destination for a killer arm workout (and a fun day outside!).
  12. Do a late-evening workout in the sun using the extra daylight. Head to the park and go for a run, or try a circuit workout!
  13. Bring your yoga practice outdoors. Roll out your mat in the garden, in the park, or at the seaside and do a very real salutation to the sun.
  14. Go snorkelling. On holiday? Fifteen minutes in the sea can burn up to 74 calories.
  15. Go for a barefoot walk or run on the shoreline of your favourite seaside beach. Soft sand and resistance from water will work your bum!
  16. Try an outdoor workout class, like beach spin or hiking yoga, or a free outdoor fitness class.
  17. Take on a new fitness challenge, like our 21 Day Summer Shape-Up Challenge or the Kayla Itsines BBG program.
  18. Meet one big goal. If you've never been able to master a headstand or run a half marathon or deadlift a certain weight, now is your chance! Use this Summer to make one of those dreams a reality.
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