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Summer Weight-Loss Tips

Here's What You Need to Do to Prevent Summer Weight Gain

Whether you're trying to lose a few this Summer or you just don't want to gain, these are four must-follow tips to keep in mind.

Breathe, Sweat, Repeat

You breathe every single day, you need air to live — think of moving your body as just as essential. The best thing you can do this Summer to hit your weight-loss goals? Move every single day (even on vacation). Let the warm weather inspire you and go swimming, hiking, or rock climbing. After a couple weeks, it will become a habit, second nature, something you just do, and it will feel weird not to fit in a workout every day.

Grab That Reusable Bag

Make a point to hit up your local farmers market every week. Take advantage of the fresh Summer produce because you'll not only save money buying foods in season, but they'll taste better too. All those fresh fruits and veg like berries, cucumbers, courgette, tomatoes, and greens are full of fibre and nutrients and are much healthier to eat than a cheeseburger off the grill.

Get Out Your Calendar

Summer should be about having fun, being impulsive, and living on the edge a little. That freedom is what makes Summer feel so joyful. But without a little structure to your days, you can easily fall into bad habits of eating whenever and whatever you like and skipping your workouts. Keep your calendar close and make sure to pencil in times to exercise each day before your crazy Summer schedule makes that impossible. Even if you're away from home for a weekend or a week, find ways to stay on track and keep up with your established routine.

Go Easy on the Summer Celebrating

Cracking open a few cold beers, licking an ice cream cone, and sitting down to a barbecue with friends are the definition of Summer. Enjoy those warm-weather foods, but don't make them a daily habit. You can also find lower-calorie ways to enjoy these Summer favourites: try homemade popsicles or frozen fruit ice cream instead of soft serve, grill up sweet potato burgers and veg using olive oil instead of slathering on butter, and alternate drinking a beer with a refreshing glass of lemon water. Make a point to eat a big salad for one meal every day — and bring one to barbecues like this cucumber, black bean, corn, and avocado salad so you always have a go-to healthy meal to pile on your plate. You'll feel lighter, less bloated, and better about baring more skin.

Image Source: POPSUGAR Photography / Sheila Gim
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